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Computer Repair Services

Wireless Network Setup and Repair

Standard Wireless Network Installation
Would you like to share your internet connection, printer and share files with all the computers in your home or office without the hassle of running new wires? We will come and setup a wireless network and configure up to 2 computers to work on it. We will also setup wireless encryption on your router to make your network secure. (WiFi hardware not included: Hardware can be purchased through us or any other retailer)
Wireless Network Troubleshooting
Are you having troubles with your wireless network? Our technicians will diagnose and fix any connection issues with your computers, internet connection sharing or printer sharing.
Wireless Security Setup
Is your internet connection slow? Could be a neighbor is using your wireless network. More than 70% of wireless networks are not secure and open to hackers. We will come to your place and enable wireless encryption on an existing wireless network. We can setup WEP, WPA and WPA2 so you are safe. We will also examine your computers for security vulnerabilities and provide an estimate if we recommend any additional security services.

Save money by using multiple services during the same visit.

The first service will be charged at full price and each additional service done during the same visit is half price! (Of equal or smaller value)

PC Express can repair any computer desktop or laptop no matter where you bought it.