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What sets PC Express apart is that we can not only design your web site but also market your website online, host your web site on our servers, keep your site up to date with new content and take care of all your technical needs in between. We let you focus on your business without the added worry of the technical issues involved with operating a successful website - that is why we are here.website_design_and_development.jpg

You know your business better than anyone. PC Express will work as your partner to team up and design a website that will accomplish your goals and meet your needs. We pride ourselves in forming a one-on-one hands-on relationship in order to facilitate your concept into a custom built website that exceeds your expectations.

The first thing you'll notice when you speak with a PC Express representative is that we listen... After all, you're not providing a service for a client if you don't listen to their goals and understand their vision. Our web development process allows us to understand your vision and produce a website which fits your business.

You can see from our 7 step process that we keep the customer involved in all phases of development. By continuous communication with our customers we are able to capture the vision of our customers and translate that to their final website.



1. Consultation
Our development process begins with a detailed proposal for your project. After an initial consultation, we will create a detailed proposal for your project and arrange a time to review the proposal with you.

2. Plan
Upon accepting our proposal, we will create a detailed outline of your website for your review and approval.

3. Concept
Based on our initial consultation, our design team will develop a one page concept design of your website, to provide you with an idea of the look and feel of the final product. You will have the opportunity to suggest changes to the concept prior to production.

4. Develop
The development process for websites can vary between 1 and 6 or more weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. Throughout the process, you will be informed about our progress on your project.

5. Review
Upon completion of your website, we will upload your work to our server for your review. A representative will discuss your project with you, and take note of any changes which need to be made prior to launching your website.

6. Launch
Upon approval of your final design, we will upload the website to your hosting account.

7. Maintain
After the initial development process is over, PC Express provides maintenance on an ongoing basis to our clients to keep their websites fresh and engaging.



1. Reach a larger market:
Every day more and more people are utilizing the internet to help them find products and services. Having a website exposes your business to this rapidly growing market.

2. Offer more information about your products and services:
Researching products and services on the web is a common technique used by potential clients. A website affords you the ability to list many products and explain your services in great detail. Providing additional information about your products and services will help to bring in more customers.

3. Improve customer service:
Your website allows you to be available to your current clients 24 hours a day. You can provide answers to commonly asked questions, provide links to manufacturer websites, and provide technical support information and a host of other customer friendly services. This will save you and your customers' time while providing the service they expect.

4. Compete on an even playing field:

Whether you employ 2, 22, or 2200 people, the internet offers you the ability to compete on an “even playing field”. A professionally designed website will make you a top contender for your share of this ever increasing market.

5. Provide current information:
Buyers want what’s hot now. A website affords you the ability to change content on a timely and relatively inexpensive basis. Simply provide your web designer with the new content and they will update your site. Again, both you and the customer benefit.




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