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Remote Support

Want Immediate Technical Assistance?

We can connect to your computer remotely, giving you access to our technicians within minutes, not hours or days.

Remote computer support

Once you have granted permission to our technician to take over your PC, we will be able to fix everything as if we were sitting in front of your computer. Remote support allows us to view your computer screen and control your mouse and keyboard to securely fix most computer and network problems right through the Internet. You can even watch your screen and learn what we do as our trained professional technicians quickly fix your problem.

The benefits of remote computer support:

It is Fast: Receive help instantly without having to wait for a computer technician to arrive to you.

It is Convenient: No need to take your computer to a shop and leave it for days or have wait for an appointment for an in-home visit.

It is Affordable: Our costs are lower than sending a computer technician to you…. this lets us charge much more affordable prices for the same high quality service as you would receive from an onsite technician.

It is Safe: The connection to your computer is 100% secure and supports 256bit encryption, the same encryption used by banks. At the end of the remote support session, our software is automatically deleted from your computer and we can no longer have access to your computer.

We are able to solve most of your computer problems remotely including:

  • Tune up your pc, making it start and run faster
  • Locate and remove viruses and install and configure anti-virus software
  • Stop pop-ups, remove adware/spyware and install/configure anti-spyware software
  • Fix email and software problems
  • Troubleshoot home or office networks
  • Password Recovery
  • Configure Devices such as Printers, MP3 Players, and Scanners
  • Backup Mobile Phone Data
  • Perform standard maintenance, Windows updates/patches
  • Install, configure new software and hardware
  • Assist in data back-up processes, transferring data from one PC to another
  • Set up secure wireless networks
  • Assess you network security and make suggestions on how to harden your security
  • Fix error messages or frozen screens and much more!

Remote Computer Support Pricing

Remote Computer Support 30 Minutes
Remote Computer Support for 30 minutes.
Remote Computer Support 1 Hour
Remote Computer Support for 1 Hour
Remote Computer Support 2 Hours
Remote Computer Support 2 Hours
80% of all computer software problems can be fixed through our remote computer support.