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Office Relocation

Are you planning on moving to new offices? If so, you need a professional business IT relocation service to move your servers, computers, routers, switches, printersoffice_relocation_service.jpg and peripherals without disturbing your overall computer network setup.


Network relocation is never easy and can often result in disaster for your network and your business if it is not done correctly. Your safest move is to hire a professional team of technicians to move your computers and network for you. PC Express will take on and complete the task of computer and network relocation for you. PC Express offers a complete business IT relocation service where we will disconnect and re-connect your servers, computers, routers, switches, printers and peripherals and have them working just like they did in your old office.


We also have the ability to move your telephone center (PBX) and run the wiring in your new offices. See our Business Network Support page for more information on how PC Express can help your business.

PC Express can take care of all your business computer, network and IT needs.