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Computer Repair Services

MP3, Camera and Phone Services

MP3 Player Setup and Tutorial
We will install the software for your new MP3 player, setup your music library and teach you how to fill your player with your music.
Digital Camera Setup and Tutorial
We will install the software for your new camera and make sure it connects to your computer. We will also teach you how to use the software.
Mobile Phone Backup and Tutorial
Have you ever lost your mobile phone and with it all of your contacts and phone numbers? Never let that happen again! We will setup your computer with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to automatically back all of your contact information on your computer. Every time you plug your phone into the computer, it will automatically backup your newest contacts. If you lose your phone, just buy a new one and we will come and put all of your contacts back into the phone.

Save money by using multiple services during the same visit.

The first service will be charged at full price and each additional service done during the same visit is half price! (Of equal or smaller value)

PC Express can repair any computer desktop or laptop no matter where you bought it.