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Laptop Repair and Laptop Service


At PC Express, we offer complete laptop repair and laptop service solutions. Our highly experienced laptop repair technicianslaptop repair service perform professional, prompt service on all makes and models of laptop computers. We offer our laptop repair services at the most competitive prices in the market.


Most laptop repair service companies would rather sell you a new laptop than take the time to repair your old laptop.  At PC Express, we would rather repair your laptop than try to sell you a new one! We recognize you have paid a lot of money for your laptop and spent a lot of time personalizing it with your software and data and want your old laptop to work like new.


PC Express laptop repair service is available anywhere in Greece.  Our on-site laptop service is available in the Athens area; our mail in laptop repair service is available anywhere in Greece through ACS. See our Laptop Repair Service Availability page for more information on shipping rates and shipping instructions.


PC Express can lend you a laptop while your laptop is at our office for service.