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Laptop Power Jack Repair and Replacement


One of the most common problems we see in laptops is a loose or broken power jack. Most laptop repair companies will try to see you a new motherboard or a new laptop if you have this problem. A broken power jack does not mean your laptop is ready for replacement. PC Express provides a cost effective power jack repair service that can easily bring your laptop back to full use again.  laptop_power_jack_repair.jpgWe can replace and re-solder your power jack so it will work like new.


Typical DC power jack related symptoms we can fix:

  • You have to move or bend the power plug to get your laptop to charge
  • Laptop will not charge
  • Intermittent Charging
  • System will not run with or without battery inserted
  • Charge light goes on and off
  • Screen changes from bright to dim randomly or with movement of the power adapter


We carry many of the most popular laptop power jacks in stock, but it may take up to 1 week for the power jack to arrive. Give us a call at 210.960.6860 for availability of your laptops power jack.



Laptop DC Power Jack Repair

Laptop Power Jack Repair Service

Laptop Power Jack Repair Service

Laptop Power Jack Repair Service. Price of new power jack, which is not always necessary, is not included.

    A technician will:

  • Verify that your power jack is the problem
  • Take apart your laptop
  • Solder your power jack back into place
  • Replace and re Solder your power jack if it is broken
  • Confirm that your power jack is working and your computer is charging

Total work time: 2-3 hours


PC Express can lend you a laptop while your laptop is at our office for service.