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Laptop Inverter Replacement Service

One of the most common problems with a laptop lcd screen is the inverter stops functioning. If your lcd screen is very dark or flickers, more than likely it is an inverter problem. We can replace your laptops inverter with a new one and have it working like new.

Typical problems a new laptop inverter will fix:inverter_replacement.jpg

  • LCD screen does not light up
  • LCD Screen is darker at the top and bottom
  • LCD Screen lightens up but goes off and on
  • LCD screen is very dim or dark
  • Color fades on Display
  • LCD Screen flickers

Cost of Laptop inverter Replacement:

New inverters can cost from €40-€90 depending on the make and model of your laptop. Call us to find out the cost for your laptops inverter. The cost of the service to install the laptop inverter is €60.

Laptop Inverter Replacement is Available Everywhere in Greece:

We offer our laptop inverter replacement everywhere in Greece. Just pack and ship your laptop to our offices in Athens, we will replace your inverter and send your laptop to you within 2 days (If your laptops inverter is not in stock it can take up to 10 days to order it). An extra charge of €20 will be charged for shipping and handling.

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Laptop Inverter Replacement

We professionally replace your laptops lcd inverter.