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Data Backup

One Time Data Backup
Save secure copies of your computer's files in case of a severe crash. We’ll copy up to 20 GB of your important data to CD, DVD or external hard drive. Unlimited data backup is also available.
Automated Data Backup
We will setup your computer to automatically backup your important data using an external hard drive (extra internal or external hard drive not included in the price). We will connect the hard drive to your computer, install software and drivers. We will then make a first backup of all your important files and configure your computer to automatically backup your files at set times.
Data Migration
If you bought a new high capacity hard drive, we can make an exact copy of your old hard disk on your new hard disk and your computer will run as it did before, but with a lot more hard disk space.
If you have bought a new computer and need to move your files, iTunes music, playlists, Outlook email and contacts to your new computer.  We move all your files and settings.  We will even re-install your programs (If you have CD's and legal keys).

Save money by using multiple services during the same visit.

The first service will be charged at full price and each additional service done during the same visit is half price! (Of equal or smaller value)

PC Express can repair any computer desktop or laptop no matter where you bought it.