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Hard Drive Upgrade
If you have run out of disk space on your computer hard disk drive, we can install a new high capacity hard disk on your computer.  With our service, none of your Windows settings or programs will change.  Your computer will be exactly the same, except with a lot more free hard disk space. (Price of new hard drive is not included in the price.)
Memory Upgrade
A computer memory upgrade is often the best value for increasing the overall performance of your computer.
Graphics Card Upgrade
We can upgrade your old graphics card so your system can play the latest games.
Motherboard Upgrade
You may want to upgrade your motherboard if you want more USB 2.0 ports, Firewire, e-SATA or want a faster system bus.
Full Computer Upgrade
We can upgrade as many parts on your computer as you want including; processor upgrade, memory upgrade, motherboard upgrade, hard drive upgrade, dvd-r/blue ray upgrade and more.

Save money by using multiple services during the same visit.

The first service will be charged at full price and each additional service done during the same visit is half price! (Of equal or smaller value)

PC Express can repair any computer desktop or laptop no matter where you bought it.